Kidney Diagnostics

BioPAL offers immunoassay kits to measure glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and to measure effective renal blood flow (RBF). FIT-GFR kits are available to measure the clearance of inulin, iohexol, Gd-DTPA or Gd-DOTA. FIT-RBF kit is available to measure the clearance of iodohippurate. BioPAL also offers laboratory services for those customers who do not have the capability to perform the immunoassay in-house.

MRI Contrast Reagents

BioPAL is a leading provider of quality MRI contrast reagents to the life-science community. We offer a wide range of iron-base (T2 imaging agent, USPIOs) and gadolinium-based (T1 imaging agent) contrast reagents.

Microspheres for Blood Flow Studies

BioPAL offers stable-isotope labeled microspheres, which is a cost-effective alternative to the use of radioactive and optical microspheres for the measurement of regional organ blood flow and particle deposition studies. Twelve different labels of microspheres are available.

Dead-Cell Removal Kits - Viahance™

Viahance dead-cell removal kit is the ONLY product on the market that can simultaneously remove dead cells, stripped nuclei and free oligonucleotides from cell culture. This product is also the ONLY product on the market that is provided autoclaved and does not contain foreign proteins, such as Annexin-V.

Other Product Areas...

BioPAL offers innovative life science products, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. These products include, cell labeling and tracking technology, novel magnetic separation and purification products, theranostic nanoparticles, nuclear medicine imaging products (PET and SPECT), and much more!

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