GFR and RBF Laboratory Services

BioPAL offers laboratory services for CROs and veterinarians who need to run a measured GFR and/or a measured RBF test, but do not have the capability to process samples in-house. The technician performs the test in his/her facility according the to process below, and then mails the collected serum samples to BioPAL for analysis. The GFR and/or RBF measurements will be available within one week.

BioPAL's laboratory service uses BioPAL's FIT-GFR test kits to accurately measure the clearance of a GFR marker (Inulin, Iohexol, Gd-DTPA or Gd-DOTA) to obtain a GFR value and uses BioPAL's FIT-RBF test kit to accurately measure the clearance of iodohippurate to obtain a RBF value. Please contact BioPAL to discuss your protocol and to obtain a quote.

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