Amino Nanoparticle for Conjugations

Technical Information

BioPAL is the first to offer a stable and metal-free dextran nanoparticle having available amine groups for conjugations. This particle is provided with a near infrared dye for NIR in vivo imaging applications.

Amino 750 is a uniform dextran nanoparticle having a colloidal size of 50 nm. The nanoparticles are cross-linked for stability and labeled with a near infrared (NIR) dye. The nanoparticles have available anime groups on the outer surface that allows you to conjugate compounds-of-interest on to the particle. As a result, you can develop your own functionalize probe for small animal optical imaging applications.


Amino 750 is comparable to Perkin Elm’s AminoSPARK product, but does not contain the iron contamination. This product has amine groups for conjugation and a near infrared dye (NIR) for optical NIR imaging.

The Product

Amino 750 is a 50 nm uniform polymer nanoparticle having anime groups for conjugations with a NIR dye packaged in a 2 ml sealed serum bottle containing 0.5 ml of the product. Each bottle has at a concentration of 2 mg dextran/ml having a zeta potential of ~ +17 mV.

Researchers may order Amino 750 online using the add-to-cart button below. Alternatively, researchers can phone, fax or e-mail a purchasing request to BioPAL. These instructions can be found on the main navigation bar above.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) Data Sheet MSDS  
NIR-50S005-53 Amino 750 $400.00 optical nano probe for amine conjugations optical imaging nanoparticle

Optical nano probe having amine gropus for conjugations. This product is comparable to AminoSPARK, but without the iron contamination. Amino 750 has free amine groups for conjugations and using for near infrared, optical imaging applications.

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