Technical Information

Viahance™ dead-cell removal kit enhances the viability ratio of live to dead cells in cell culture through removal of dead cells and cellular debris using magnetic negative selection. Viahance removes dead cells, stripped nuclei and free oligonucleotides. Competing dead cell separation kits only remove dead cells. Viahance's ability to remove dead cells, stripped nuclei, and free oligonucleotides from your cell culture will increase cell culture viability, improve data quality and favorably impact downstream results. Eliminating stripped nuclei and free oligonucleotides cleans up a cell preparation for future molecular biology work. As important, Viahance is provided autoclaved and does not contain foreign proteins, such as Annexin-V.

To maximize optimization, use serum-free media - because Viahance binds to free proteins. If serum-based media is required, the concentration of Viahance used for purification will need to increase.

Unique Advantages

1. Simultaneously removes stripped nuclei, free oligonucleotides and dead cells
2. Annexin-V FREE
3. Contains no proteins avoiding protein contamination
4. Provided autoclaved!
5. Does not require calcium containing buffers
6. Does not require expensive magnetic columns for separation
7. Ideal for suspension cells


The Product

Viahance™ is provided as a 2 ml or a 10 ml fill, which can purify approximately 20 or 100 cell samples, respectively. Separation can be achieved using a simple button-magnet source. Therefore, expensive magnetic filters are not required. For large-scale applications, please inquire.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) MSDS  
CP-50VQ02 Viahance™ - Small $200.00 dead cell purification kit
CP-50VQ10 Viahance™ - Large $850.00 dead cell removal kit

Dead cell and nucleic acid purification kit. This product removes dead cell and nucleic acid from cell culture and is a complete purification kit for cell culture.

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