Prussian Blue Reagent Pack

Technical Information

Many researchers are actively developing their own iron-based contrast agents – either from scratch or by using one of BioPAL’s USPIOs as the base material. Therefore, researchers are often interested in detecting the iron nanoparticle in tissues and cells using the Prussian Blue staining technique. BioPAL provides a ready-to-use Prussian Blue Kit having all the reagents and instructions needed for this application.

BioPAL’s Prussian Blue Reagent Pack contains three reagents: Reagent A (50ml), Reagent B (50ml) and Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) (100ml), and a set of instructions for their use.


Ready-to-use Prussian Blue Reagent kit provides researches with the ability to see iron nanoparticle is tissue and cell culture. The product can be used to see iron USPIO is stem cells, primary cell, T-cells, adherent cells, suspension cells and is widely used in regenerative medicine and cell therapy research.

The Product

BioPAL’s Prussian Blue Reagent Pack consists of Reagent A (50 ml) and Reagent B (50 ml) plus phosphate buffered saline (100 ml). BioPAL’s Prussian Blue Reagent Pack has been formulated for visualizing cells labeled with Molday ION family of products. It can also be used for visualizing cells labeled with other iron containing compounds, such as ferritin.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) Manual MSDS  
CL-01-50 Prussian Blue Reagent Pack $65.00

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