Molday ION™ MI-750

Technical Information

The first commercially available dual MRI and Near-IR imaging product specifically designed to label cells. Labeled cells then can be tracked in in vivo systems using either MRI or optical imaging equipment.

Like BioPAL’s MIRB product, Molday ION MI-750 has a proprietary coating that enables cellular uptake without the need for transfection agents. Molday ION MI-750 has a magnetite core and its surface is labeled with a near infrared (near-IR) dye that allows for tracking by MRI and NIR imaging, respectively.


optical imaging probe and nanoprobe for dual magnetic resonance imaging (MIR) and near infrared (IR NIR) imaging.

The Product

Molday ION™ MI-750 is a 40 nm iron-based superparamagnetic contrast agent (USPIO) labeled with a near infrared (NIR) dye packaged in a 2 ml sealed serum bottle. Each bottle contains 1 ml at a 2 mg Fe/ml concentration having a zeta potential of ~ +31 mV.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) Data Sheet MSDS  
CL-50Q01-6A-53 Molday ION™ MI-750 $400.00 Dual optical and MRI cell labeling and tracking product.

Molday ION MI-750 is a cell labeling product to label cells and then track cells and image cells using MRI, florescence, optical, or near infrared (NIR) imaging. Primary cells, T-cells, stems cells and platelets can be labeled, imaged and tracked.

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