Glucarate Kit

Technical Information

BioPAL has partnered with Molecular Targeting Technologies (MTT) to offer our customers novel nuclear imaging tools.

Tc-99m-glucarate is a SPECT tracer for tumor imaging. Researchers have obtained positive imaging results with Tc-99m-glucarate in mice bearing four different tumor types (breast, pancreatic, renal and colorectal cancer). In a direct comparison study using the same two breast tumor animals, SPECT images obtained with Tc-99m-glucarate compared favorably with PET images obtained with 18F-FDG. Researchers have also reported that this agent can be used to diagnose non-small cell lung carcinoma and can be used to distinguish EGFR TK-1 sensitive from resistant Strains. In addition, Tc-99m-glucarate cleared more rapidly and did not show the high backgrounds of 18F-FDG except in kidneys. For reasons of convenience and cost, Tc-99m-glucarate and SPECT imaging maybe a useful alternative to 18F-FDG and PET at least in animal studies.


The Product

This cold kit formulation is optimized for the preparation of the small radiopharmaceutical, 99mTc-glucarate. The active ingredient in the kit is glucarate. 12.5 mg of glucarate.

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G-1001 Glucarate Kit $299.00

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