Gadolinium-Labeled Albumin

Technical Information

Galbumin™ is gadolinium-labeled albumin bottled at a concentration of 25 mg/ml or at a concentration of 100 mg/ml. There are approximately 10 to 15 gadolinium atoms per albumin unit and the molecular weight of the product is ~ 74k Da.

In addition, BioPAL also provides several additional Galbumin products: Trackable Galbumin™ and Glowing Galbumin™. Trackable Galbumin is gadolinium-labeled albumin laced with europium to permit tracking via BioPAL's neutron activation service. Glowing Galbumin is gadolinium-labeled albumin that is co-labeled with FITC or Rhodamine B for fluorescent imaging.


BioPAL offers a full line of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) gadolinium contrast imaging agents for sale. Gadolinium labeled albumin is used for vascular MRI imaging. Gd-albium can be used for preclinical imaging and imaging research.

The Product

One ml of Galbumin, Trackable Galbumin, or Glowing Galbumin is packaged in a 2 ml sealed serum bottles at a concentration of 25 mg/ml. One ml of concentrated Galbumin is packaged in a 2 ml sealed serum bottles at 100 mg/ml. Applications include vascular imaging and injection and injection-site visualization. Suggested starting dose for rats and mice is 2-4 ml/kg.

Researchers may order Galbumin™ products online using the add-to-cart button below. Alternatively, researchers can phone, fax or e-mail a purchasing request to BioPAL. These instructions can be found on the main navigation bar above.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) MSDS  
P-00P01 Galbumin™ $135.00
P-00P01-100 Concentrated Galbumin™ $600.00
P-00PZ01 Glowing Galbumin™ - Fluorescein $175.00
P-00PY01 Glowing Galbumin™ - Rhodamine B $175.00

Gadolinium-labeled albumin and fluorescent-labeled albumin call galbumin for mri preclinical imaging applications used as blood pooling agents and for vascular imaging agents and probes.

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