Gado CELLTrack

Technical Information

BioPAL has developed Gado CELLTrack™ to aid researchers locate, track and quantify implanted cells in in vivo systems using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. Gado CELLTrack is a 50 nm gadolinium colloid. As shown in the figure below, this reagent provides a strong T1 brightening signal that is at minimum comparable to the same molar concentration as Gd-DTPA. In addition, BioPAL can provide this reagent containing a small amount of other isotopes to allow for quantification via neutron activation.


Stem cell labeling imaging and tracking via MRI and is a better alternative to GadofluorineM. Cell tracking agent for T1 MRI imaging. A gadolinium nanoparticle for cell labeling and MRI tracking.

The Product

Two ml of Gado CELLTrack™ is packaged in a 2 ml sealed serum bottles. The product is a 50nm gadolinium colloid (10 mg Gd/ml) having a negative surface. BioPAL also provides poly-L-Lysine (1 ml, 10 gm/ml) packaged in a 2 ml sealed serum bottle.

The procedure for labeling poly-L-Lysine onto Gado CELLTrack™ is comparable to the procedure described for Molday ION (-) (CL-30Q02-6), but may require an initial range finding study for optimal labeling for each cell tpye. This procedure is provided as a PDF download above.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) MSDS  
CL-50P02-6 Gado CELLTrack™ $450.00
CL-00-01 Poly-L-Lysine $60.00

Gado CellTrack is a cell labeling product to label cells and then track cells and image cells using MRI imaging. Primary cells, T-cells, stems cells and platelets can be labeled, imaged and tracked using T1 MRI imaging.

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